HTML formatted email has fundamentally changed the way marketers deliver information. An e.Communications program goes beyond email list building, integrating strategy to structure a schedule to maximize outreach, fundraising, GOTV or other goal.

 HTML Emails

NLB designs branded HTML emails that arrest the attention of Recipients. Our developer marries style with functionality to improve an e.Communication campaign’s open, read and click-thru statistics.

Why This is Not Spam

  • Not “Commercial” – Under “CAN-SPAM”, all “non-commercial” email is not considered SPAM.
  • Permission Based – Every recipient is being contacted for express purpose of having the opportunity to decline further communications.
  • Automatic Unsubscribe – All e.Communications include an automatic unsubscribe option, which is not the case with spam.
  • Sourced – Most important, this email is clearly referenced from true source of communication; there is no effort to conceal sender’s identity.
  • First Amendment Protected – Email must be commercial to be classified as spam. Political communication = political speech which is protected by the First Amendment.

Email Marketing / Transmissions

NLB develops a strategy to ensure optimal open rates, including distribution time and date and message personalization by using the best practices currently used by e.Marketing professionals. As not all email clients can accept HTML-enhanced emails, RCS distributes messages using multi-MIME email programming, which converts a message into the appropriate version for individual recipients.

Transmission Platform Features Include: 

* List Management: NLB handles all aspects of email database hosting; the NLB platform provides a comprehensive solution managing automatic bounce backs, opt-outs, and new subscribes.

 * Database Segmentation: Using response rate tracking, NLB collects information and then targets recipients with appeals that interest them.  Through field queries, NLB can segment a database to send out to a list based on demographics, previous responses, etc….

 * Real-Time Tracking / Reports: NLB can provide clients with a realtime tracking reports; such reports show which email addresses received, opened, and read the email communication, and those who forwarded the message to a friend through the email interface.

* On-The-Hour Delivery: The NLB email platform can be sent in an hour, a day, a week, etc…. This capability ensures that a message can be delivered when recipients are checking their email, have a break in their schedules, and when the message will be at the top of their inbox.

 * Personalization: Unlike other marketing mediums – direct mail, television or radio ads – a personal greeting to every individual can be sent within every email message such as “Dear John.” Subject lines can read: “[First Name], check this out.”

HTML e.Newsletters: Design, Program, Distribute, and Report

NLB will design, program, distribute, and report on weekly email communications. Our experience with email distribution can assist clients with E-Communications campaigns from help converting client copy into HTML-based, multi-MIME programmed communications to personalizing mass emails to tracking open, “read,” unsubscribes, and FTF rates.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With over 56% of all Internet users performing a search at least once a day, SEO is the most important web marketing feature. NLB has optimized web sites for campaigns and major associations. A complete optimization campaign includes redesigning a campaign’s site to ensure that search engines get an accurate description of the site to index it properly. This includes keywords research, analysis of top competing web sites, recommendations for search engine-friendly web design, new and unique title and meta tags for each page, free and paid inclusion search engine and directory submissions (including MSN, Google,Yahoo!, etc.).

Online Blog Ads

For a campaign where the target audience is a defined group of ideological or party activists, NLB Enterprises recommends a series of online ads on appropriate blogs.

Blog ads can be targeted based on political orientation and – where appropriate – geographical location. Advertising on blogs works best where the campaign develops a specific, focused initiative to raise money.

ISP-Opt-In Ads / Email Capture Plans

NLB believes that all other online efforts flow from email. Thus, job #1 of any successful online effort is to acquire the emails of supporters, media, decision makers, etc… NLB can design a comprehensive email capture program including an e.Marketing schedule of promotions and a web site audit. To grow the email data file, NLB will execute a specific email capture plan utilizing numerous opt-in practices to acquire email addresses. With client approval, NLB can deploy targeted and persuasive mass emails. Where appropriate, “Add-a-Friend” and “Forward to a Friend” features will be produced for the client to capture like-minded individuals with the goal of building an engaged, mobilized online army.