Web Design/Hosting

Web Design & Hosting
We offer in-house web design, development, maintenance, database integration to corporate, association, and political clients in Washington, DC and across the nation.

Internet Strategies
Although we live in an electronic age, many organizations aren’t using the Internet to its full potential. Successful utilization of the Internet must be strategic. NLB Enterprises considers goals and resources, target audiences, and web maintenance capacity in developing or enhancing each client’s Internet presence.

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We can:
Help you plan and organize your World Wide Web Site, considering your goals, target audience and resources;
Advise you on how to write and structure content to increase the likelihood that your web page will be called up by Internet search engines when users type in relevant keywords (search engine optimization)
Design and create a compelling web site, complete with an appealing graphic interface;
Actively promote the site, ensuring that it is effectively registered with Internet search engines; and
Devise strategies to attract visitors to your web site.


  • Web¬†Hosting Plans range from $10-$30 a month. Discount ($5/1st month) if domain is purchased as part of web hosting
  • Web Site Design $100 per page ($125 for e-commerce pages)
  • Web Site Maintenance $30/hour billed by the minute
  • Setting up Web community $125 per Web community
  • Setting up Blog space $125 per Blog space
  • Blog Ghost writing negotiable